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Lazada Errors

If you cannot find the solution here. Please contact us for support.

Product category is required

Product category is required to create or update product. To fix this error:

  1. Go to edit product.
  2. Click Lazada category input. Select the category for the product, click confirm and save.

Brand is required

  1. Go to edit product.
  2. Click Brand input, enter keyword to search brand and select from the list, then save. The product must have a Lazada category before you can edit brand.

SellerSku is required

Product SKU is empty or Barcode is empty. To fix this error:

  1. Go to EasyStore admin, go to Products and edit the product.
  2. Make sure the SKU or Barcode is filled. Depending on the field you selected as Product SKU to sync.
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