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Setting Shopee shipping rate

Before you start to sync product, you need to set the shipping rate. SyncGo for EasyStore will calculate the shipping fee based on your rate. The supported shipping rate options is flat rate and weight based. If your shipping is covered by Shopee, you can ignore this step.

Setting Shopee shipping rate

  1. Go to Shopee shop setting.
  2. Scroll down to Shipping rate section. The shipment provider is retrieved from your Shopee store account. Select the shipment provider from the tab.
  3. From the shipping options dropdown, select weight based or flat rate option. For flat rate, you just have to enter the amount. For weight based, you need to enter the maximum weight and the amount. Click the “Add” button to add.
  4. Remember always to set a maximum weight 9999kg with the amount. Otherwise, the shipment provider will be disabled if SyncGo for EasyStore cannot find the suitable weight.

The above example is equivalent to

< 1kgRM7
1kg – 2kgRM15
2kg – 3kgRM22
3kg – 9999kgRM28
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