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Install MICES SyncGo for Opencart – Lazada extension

  1. Download extension zip file
  2. Go to Extensions -> Extension installer page.
  3. Click “Upload” and select zip file you downloaded.
  4. After uploaded, go to Extensions -> Extensions -> Choose “Modules” extension type, you will see “MICES SyncGo for Opencart – Lazada”. Click “install” button
  5. After install, click “edit” button.
  6. You will see MICES SyncGo for Opencart – Lazada dashboard. Click “setting”.
  7. Enter App Key and App secret you obtained from Lazada Open Platform and enable the extension, then click save. You will be redirected to Lazada Open Platform authorization page.
  8. Select “Malaysia”, enter your Lazada seller email and password, then sign in. (email and password you login to Lazada seller center).
  9. After sign in successfully, you will redirect back to MICES SyncGo for Opencart – Lazada. You can check access token status and refresh token status at bottom of the dashboard. Please note that access token and refresh token will be expired. Always check the expiry date to ensure sync is working.

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