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Sync existing Lazada product

MICES SyncGo for Opencart – Lazada allows you to link Opencart product to existing Lazada product. You do not have to delete and re-create product. This helps you to remain your Lazada product reviews.

  1.  Find for the product you want to link, then click the “Action” button, then click “Edit Lazada Product”
  2. Enter your Lazada product ID and save. If you do not know how to get Lazada product ID, see next section.

Getting Lazada product ID

  1. Login to your Lazada Seller Center.
  2. Go to Products > Manage Products in the left menu.
  3. Find for the product and click “Edit Details”
  4. Next, find the URL of the page in the address bar, The product ID is in URL, see screenshot below as example.
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