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30/5/181.1– fix sync command url
30/5/181.2– remove product from waiting list if sync error
6/6/181.3– added error filter
– Fix unable to sync negative quantity
– added quick edit product
– added “Push synced product to waiting” cron url
– display mapped Shopee category in listing
12/10/182.0– Compatible with Shopee Open Platform API
13/11/182.1– added break line on product description
– fixed image url use HTTPS if SSL is enable in setting
22/1/192.2– Allow user to reauthorize Shopee Open platform
– improves performance with Shopee new API(update images, update variations)
– use 2-tier variations instead of old variations, only support up to 2 options from Opencart.
30/1/192.3– fixed “\n” in description is not break to new line
29/3/193.0– added sync status to enable or disable syncing
– added queue list, user can add product to queue to sync(manual sync or auto sync)
– improve syncing process and proper log files
– compress language file into 1 file
– remove external css file and use internal css style
27/6/193.1– fixed shopee id size to bigint
24/7/193.2– fixed update tier variation list error
31/7/193.3– added shipping setting to set shipping fee when sync
– improve edit Shopee product
– added list & unlist item when sync
1/8/193.4– add cronjob url to update price & quantity only
2/8/193.4.1– add setting to push product to queue after saved product
14/8/193.4.2– Allow to create product if quantity is 0
– Improve sync
3/9/193.5.0– Improve sync using CLI process
– Enhance UI and remove manual bulk sync
19/9/193.6.0– add support to OC2.X
– change cron task to support OC2.X, passing oc version is required
7/10/193.6.1– improve filter for opencart description to Shopee description
– compile with latest library
25/10/193.6.2– add setting to skip update price
1/4/20203.7.0– new feature – pull order with stock management
– add bulk update product (required cronjob to work)
2/4/20203.7.1– fix voucher should negative value
9/4/20203.7.2– fix failed to create variation
22/4/20203.7.3– update library
16/6/203.8.0– support option combinations
– rename to MICES SyncGo for Opencart – Shopee
7/8/203.8.1– improve variations syncing
– fix attribute with special symbol
– add unlist function
14/8/203.8.2– fix missing variation name
17/9/203.9.0– allow skip update product name, description, price and image
16/10/203.10.0– allows download and delete log file
– update new MicesSync library
23/10/203.10.1– fix gap between product description
3/11/203.10.2– fix breadcrumb for oc2.x
– fix cli not working for custom admin path
24/11/203.10.3– fix headers already sent out error
3/12/203.11.0– migrate image before sync
11/12/203.11.1– fix variations not sync on creation
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