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Sync product

There are 2 methods to sync product:
A. Auto sync
B. Manual sync

Auto Sync

Auto sync only applies if you have set the cron job. To sync a product, you just have to toggle on the sync status. After toggle on, you will see a loading icon under the last sync column. Wait for a few minutes and it will auto-sync to Shopee.

Manual Sync

To manual sync product, toggle on the sync status, then click the “Action” button and click “Sync”.

Sync results

After syncing a product, it may success or return an error. To check the sync result, you have to look at “Last sync” column.

A. If the sync is successful, it will show last sync date/time.

B. If the sync is failed, it will show an error, move your mouse pointer over to see the errors.

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