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18/12/171.0– initial version
17/7/182.0– added filter for product listing
– added cronjob URL to allow user to add to their crontab/task scheduler
– changes interface to provide more functions
21/9/20183.0– update to Youbeli API 3.0
– added new cronjob URL to allow user to update price and quantity only (this will use less bandwidth to update)(only available for OC2.X, OC3 will update soon)
21/12/20183.1– added new function – price adjustment
9/4/20193.2– fixed bug
– fixed bug unable to install properly in opencart3
– use ‘setting/event’ instead of ‘extension/event’ for opencart3
21/4/20204.0.0– added CLI sync
– allows set category for product level
– add pull orders
11/5/20204.0.1– fix ocmod bug
16/6/20204.1.0– support option combinations
– rename to MICES SyncGo for Opencart – Youbeli
14/7/20204.1.1– fix image duplication
4/8/20204.1.2– fix pagination bug
– fix description image should full url
14/8/20204.1.3– fix option name missing
– changed deduct product – quantity only for synced product
16/10/20204.2.0– allows download and delete log file
– update new MicesSync library
3/11/20204.2.1– fix breadcrumb for oc2.x
– fix cli not working for custom admin path
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