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Removal of default variation

MICES SyncGo will now create products without default variation. To remove the default variation created by SyncGo, please re-sync the product from MICES SyncGo app.

1. My product has a default variation created by MICES SyncGo, what do I need to do?
– You can sync again to update, SyncGo will remove the default variation. But if the product is promotion or add on deal, SyncGo will prompt error, you need to remove promotion or add on deal to update.

2. My product is on promotion and add on deal, will MICES SyncGo remove the variation?
– No, SyncGo unable to remove variation that on promotion or add on deal, please remove the promotion and add on deal and update again.

3. Will it affects my order sync and inventory control?
– No, the order and inventory control will work normally.

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