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Support Shopee 2-tier level variation

Good news for Shopify seller, MICES SyncGo is now supporting Shopee 2-tier variations. Before this, whether you use 1 or 2 options in Shopify, MICES SyncGo will combine the options and fit into variation 1 in Shopee. Now, MICES SyncGo will use option1 as variation 1 and option2 as variation 2. Please note that MICES SyncGo does not support option3, the system will prompt error if option3 is detected. To avoid error and compatibility issues, you need to enable “Multi-level variations” in shop settings to use 2-tier variations, then sync all products again to update to Shopee. Please note that if your product is on promotion or add on deal, MICES SyncGo will prompt error. Please remove the promotion and add on deal to migrate to 2-tier variations.



Enable “Multi-level variations” to migrate to 2-tier variations

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