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Sync order from marketplaces

MICES SyncGo allows you to sync order from the marketplaces back to your Shopify admin. You can view the orders of all marketplaces at once in the Shopify admin. Note that order sync does not deduct or restock inventory. To deduct or restock inventory, see Deduct/restock inventory.

To enable order sync

  1. Find the shop you want to enable. In the right-top side, click the “Setting” icon.
  2. In the Shop’s setting, Enable the order sync and select order status that needs to create a new order in Shopify and order status that needs to cancel order in Shopify if the order is already created in Shopify. Please note that if the order is in cancel status but the order has not been created in Shopify, MICES SyncGo will not create the order.
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