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Cronjob for Sync Product

  1. You can use cronjob to sync your products. You can find the cronjob at the bottom of “Store Profile” page.
  2. To sync a product with cronjob, you just have to click on “Sync” button in “Product Listing” page and it will push to the queue to sync product. If you want to cancel the sync, you can click Cancel.
  3. If successful, a Shopee icon will appear and update the sync time in the ‘Last Sync’ column but if failed an error icon will be displayed on the Last Sync column. You can hover your mouse on the error icon to see the error description.
  4. To auto sync the product with cronjob, you can toggle on the sync status in “Product Listing” page. Whenever you update the product description or delete the product, it will push back to the queue to sync product.
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