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Pull Orders

  1. You need to have authorized store with partner id and secret key  
  2. Make sure you have sync the products into Shopee first to allow the products to have the correct SKU 
  3. Choose any store in Store Profile and click on “Order Setting”
  4. Select ‘Enabled’ for sync order to enabled sync order
  5. Select ‘Enable mix order’ if you want to mix the orders and display the synced order in Woocommerce. Select ‘Disable mix order’ if you want otherwise.
  6. You need to set order status mapping to match the Shopee status with Woocommerce status. This mapping is important for Woocommerce order history and stock management (‘Processing’, ‘On-Hold’, ‘Completed’ status will deduct stock while ‘Cancelled’ status will increase stock)
  7. Select ‘Enabled’ for auto stock management if you want to deduct or restock items. Select ‘Disable’ if you don’t want to deduct or restock items
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