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View Order List

  1. Choose any store in Store Profile and click on “Orders”
  2. You can see all of order list from the sync order here
  3. The list will show all orders that have been inserted into the database. However there may be some different result for each orders
  4. If the sync order is successful it should display as below:
    • If the Shopee status is Completed
    • If the Shopee status is Cancelled
  5. The remark column will inform briefly either the stock is deducted, order cancelled or item not match 
  6. If the order cannot found the same item in Woocommerce, it should display as below:
  7. It will show an error icon and you can hover to see the description. Further information about the items can be seen in the order history in order detail
  8. For additional information about each order, you can go to Action > Order Details
  9. Here you can see more information about the order such as order details, customer details and products details
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