Maid Information Management System

This system is specially developed to meet today’s Maid Agency process requirements, Our clients include the famous Agensi Perkerjaan in Malaysia.

  • Our customers using this system in their daily operations for past 8 years, and their businesses keep growing.
  • Enhanced features are added from time to time to suite their competitive business environment.
  • The managers can work from home, access the system via internet. Staffs from different branches can work together at the same time to instantly access to business data.

Main Features

  • Intuitive User Interface, short learning curve
  • Multiple Branches & Company Profile Setup
  • Enhancement features are added from time to time to suite their competitive business environment.
  • Maid Information Management
  • Employer Information Management
    • Husband, Wife, Guardian information with Photo
  • Maid Supplier Information
  • Sales Person Information
  • Sales Commission Calculation
  • Employment Contract Information
    • Permanent/Temporary Contract
    • Contract with Insurance Information
    • Contract/Passport Expiry Reminder
  • Document Management
    • Scan >> Store as JPG, PDF >> Search >> View, Download or Print
  • Payment/Receipt/Incomplete Payment Report
  • Counseling records
  • Permit Expiry Reminder
  • Quick Search (Find your maid in 3 seconds)
  • Customer Relation Module
    • Employer Birthday Reminder
  • Staff/User Accessibility Control
    • User Accessibility Control on different functionalities.
    • Username & Login password for individual staff
    • User activities log
  • Auto Database Backup
Maid Agency Information Management System
Maid System
Maid Agency Management System
Maid System Malaysia
Ajensi Pekerjaan System


  • Renewal List : Permit Expiry Date
  • Unemployed Maid
  • Supplier-Maid
  • Incomplete Documents: Passport, Photo, Medical
  • Monthly Termination
  • Temporary Maid: Contract Start Date &
    Contract End / Termination Date
  • Monthly Temporary Maid: Contract Start Date
  • Salesman-Employer
  • Incomplete Payment
  • Temporary Incomplete Payment:
    For temporary maid only
  • Mailing List: Employer address
  • Run Away List
  • Send Back List
  • Return Office List
  • Refund List
  • Insurance List
  • Discount List
  • Deposit List
  • Maid Arrival List
  • Recommender List
  • Pending Payments
  • Closed File List
  • Contract Ended List : For contract not yet closed file
  • …and many more.
Maid Agency System
Requirements :  Training :  Support :
  • Windows/Linux Web Server
  • Web browser i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Approximately total 4 hours training
  • FREE Phone Call Support
  • Contract Yearly Support
    (Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm)

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